3-Hour Old Car Tour in Havana

3-Hour Old Car Tour in Havana

3-Hour Old Car Tour in Havana: Through Havana‘s Nostalgic Vibes. You will see that unforgettable tour through the city’s most emblematic places. Embark on a journey through the historic quarters of Old Havana and marvel at the majestic National Capitol Building Continue your expedition to the lively and vibrant Chinatown district, followed by a visit to the modern and energetic Av. Carlos III, which leads to the iconic Plaza de la Revolución, Metropolitan Park and the national hotel.

The tour also includes visits to the historic Cristóbal Colón Cemetery, the renowned Malecón boardwalk, and the astonishing Castillo de los Tres Reyes del Morro. But that’s not all, as our tour also encompasses some of Havana’s hidden gems, including the serene Bosque de la Ciudad and the magnificent Cristo de la Habana statue.

Moreover, no sojourn to Havana would be complete without experiencing the elegant Hotel Nacional, where you can soak up the city’s rich cultural heritage while revelling in breathtaking views of the bay.

All of this and more await you on our Havana Old Car Tour. Don’t delay, book your expedition

3-Hour Old Car Tour in Havana:

The tour starts at 7 am last departure at 6 pm
duration of 2 hours

When traveling in a convertible, be sure to properly protect yourself from the sun: hat, long shirt, sunscreen!

* Can I drive a classic car myself?
Our license does not allow us to rent the car for our clients to drive.
* Do we stop to take photographs?
If you only have to inform our driver or tour guide where you want to take your photograph, we also have stops at important tourist sites where you can take photos.
*Does the tour have anything included apart from the tour?
You do not pay exclusively for the car and the guide if you select the tour with tour guide service

3-hour Havana city tour


Note: We would like to inform our clients that our service prices are charged per car and not per person. Additionally, we recommend that you visit our car pages in Havana and select the car of your choice by using its unique code before making your reservation.We also accept GBP and US dollars at the exchange rate of 1:1

3-hour old car tour in Havana: cost

classic cars in cuba


without Guide 90 EUR with Guide 120 EUR

rent a vintage car for a day

Hardtop car

without Guide 75 EUR with Guide 105 EUR



without Guide 90 EUR with Guide 120 EUR

places to visit in Havana in 3 hours with old car

3 hour-Havana Old Car Tour: A Classic Way to See the City
[3 Hour Old Car Tour in Havana]: Tour Havana in a classic.
"Experience the Magic of Havana with a 3-Hour Classic Car Tour"
"Experience the Charm and Culture of Cuba on a 3-Hour Classic Car Tour"
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3 hour Havana Old Car Tour: A Fun and Educational Way to Explore the City with Kids
"Create Unforgettable Memories with a Private 3-Hour Old Car Tour of Havana"
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"Explore Havana's Iconic Sites in a Classic Car on a 3-Hour Tour"
"Explore Havana's Iconic Sites in a Classic Car on a 3-Hour Tour"

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