the best cuba classic car tour

cuba classic car tour

cubaclassicstar offers the best Cuba Classic Car Tour. is the best way to get to know our island. We know Cuba better than anyone and we will make sure your travel experience is memorable and smooth. Our drivers and guides are some of the best in the business and will show you all there is to see on the island in authentic vintage cars!

the best havana classic car tour

havana classic car tour

the Havana Classic Car Tour is a tour around the city that will take you to the best places in Havana, including Miramar Avenue and El Malecón. We will show you the different neighborhoods of the city, the architecture of all kinds, the old cars in cuba, our beaches and the history behind it.

classic car tour to waterfall-cuba

tha best cuba classic car tour

The vintage car tour is designed to give you an authentic taste of Cuba. During the journey you will visit historical places famous for their culture in addition to enjoying the rich Cuban music. This driving tour can take you on a memorable journey. Cuba has a rich tourist history with paradisiacal beaches, enviable nature reserves and emblematic UNESCO heritage cities that have made it unique compared to other countries.

the best classic car tour from vardero

tour from varadero in cuban vintage cars

Explore the Caribbean island of Cuba with a classic cuban car from vardero beach , feel the beauty of its beaches. Visit Havana, Cienfuegos and Las Terrazas, learn about Cuban culture,you ill visit tobacco plantations , go you to the zienaga de zapata and explore our island in all its splendor

Cuba car cultur

For  Cubans fascination  with cars is The  of  Caribbean pearl »how cuba is known.had your first automobile   in 1898. Three years later there were 11 in circulation a figure that increased to almost 190,000 cars in 1960,the year in which  finish  the automobile trade in Cuba

The  of relations breaking  with U.S.A. the subsequent embargo, kept American cars and their spare parts like heirlooms family heirlooms and inherited between different  generations developing a history of inventiveness and insight unique in the world  

Many of our classic cars were abandoned in patios or chicken coops, others were kept in garages for more than 40 years keeping all their splendor and original parts. the  North American cars from before 1960 It is the best tourist attraction in Cuba. That is why we created cubaclassicstar with the intention that our visitors enjoy  the best tours in our classics

In our agency we have more than 10 types of prestigious American classic car brands, highlighting the famous models of General Motors that were icons in the streets of Havana decades ago.

the best oldtimer-cuba car tour

transfer on the best cuban vintage cars

We are a company that provides havana airport transfers. All our our classic cars with roof, from Sedan , Minivan and limousine are air conditioned. we have professional driversand top level of service. Our fleet has been carefully selected for its beauty, comfort, reliability and safety.

service in vintage cars

we offer transportation services from the airport to your hotel or home, go and back transfer to tropicana, service to havana eastern beaches, varadero and the main tourist centers of the island.


30 euro

Bus station

30 euro


60 euro


30 euros

playas del este

70 euro


depends the distanceily

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Buena Vista Social Club Legends

If you are visiting Havana, you cannot stop enjoying the magic of a tropical night. with the group Buena vista social club.

It is a Cuban musical group that was formed in the early 1990s, where different stars of Cuban traditional music came together to form the most famous and successful group of Cuban music awarded the Latin Grammy Award in 2009.

Enjoy a 1950s-style evening, select a vintage car, and book your show at Buena Vista Social Club.

The island of Cuba has an orogenic origin. The Isle of Youth and the over a thousand keys or islets that surround it complete the Cuban archipelago. It has more than 4,000 islands, islets and keys. The Cuban archipelago has more than 200 beaches on the coast, making it a heavenly place to enjoy 4 days with a Cuba classic car tours . Our agency is pleased to offer you this vintage car tour of Cuba to make your vacation unforgettable.

The Best Experience Ever with cuba classic car tour

Cuba is the land of the vintage cars, and it’s hard to find a better way to experience this country than by taking part in a classic car tour.a tour or excursión on classic cars on cuba is one of the best options available for those looking an authentic Cuban experience 

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We are a private tourist enterprise with more than 5 years in the tourism service sector withclassic car tour in havana and throughout cuba . We comply with the requirements of the U.S. Department of the Treasury for its citizens to reserve our services. In addition to having a great staff of professional guides and drivers. that will make you spend unforgettable vacations

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