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Cuba and your vintage cars

For Cubans, the fascination for automobiles is ancient. In “The Pearl of the Caribbean” as Cuba is known. He had the first automobile in 1898. Three years later there were 11 in circulation, a figure that increased to almost 190,000 automobiles in 1960, the year in which the automobile trade in Cuba ended.

The breakdown of relations with the US The subsequent embargo kept US cars and their parts out of Cuba, remaining as family heirlooms and inherited between different generations developing a history of inventiveness and insight unique in the world.

Many of our classic cars were abandoned in yards or chicken coops, others were kept in garages for more than 40 years, keeping all their splendor and original spare parts. North American cars before 1960 is the best tourist attraction in Cuba. That is why we created cubaclassicstar with the intention that our visitors enjoy “of classic car tour

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CUBA awarded the WORLDTRAVELAWARDS 2021 as the best cultural destination in the Caribbean originated in the orogenic belt. It is one of the thirteen countries that make up Insular America, Antilles or islands of the Caribbean Sea, bordered to the north by the US state of Florida, the Bahamas, to the west by Mexico, Honduras and to the south by the Cayman Islands and Jamaica: what makes Cuba a paradisiacal place for classic car tour

The archipelago is made up of the Isla de la Juventud and more than 4,000 islands around the island of Cuba Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo, Cayo Santa María, Cayo Las Brujas, Cayo Ensenachos with paradisiacal beaches. that are a paradise for your vacations. It has exotic places and natural reserves such as the Ciénaga de Zapata. and the valley of Viñales, both classified as a biosphere reserve by unesco.

Our “antique tours car agency” is pleased to provide you with a wide range of “private tours and excursions with classic cars around Cuba and Havana to make your vacations unforgettable”.

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Classic car tours in Havana

With so many tourist attractions in Havana, it is difficult. A great adventure for any history or architecture enthusiast, taking a “tour of Havana in classic cars” is an experience not to be missed. They are not just any vehicles; These vehicles are truly iconic and some even date back to 1940.

old havana considered a world heritage site by unesco and one of the 7 wonders of modern history with baroque and neoclassical architecture is worth enjoying in a beautiful vintage convertible car taking pictures of palaces and emblematic places such as the great national theater , its capitolio,park central , museum of fine arts. it is something not to be missed.

book your classic convertible car in Havana and we will explore the city from wherever you want to go. We have so many vintage classic cars for you to choose from, so please let us know what kind of car you want when you book your tour.

Buena vista social club

If you are visiting Havana, you cannot stop enjoying the magic of a tropical night. with the group Buena vista social club.

It is a Cuban musical group that was formed in the early 1990s, where different stars of Cuban traditional music came together to form the most famous and successful group of Cuban music awarded the Latin Grammy Award in 2009.

Enjoy a 1950s-style evening, select a vintage car, and book your show at Buena Vista Social Club.

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How to book a classic car in Cuba?

 to make a tour with  "Cuban old autos " is not a question that our visitors should ask themselves on our island. With cubaclassicstar you will have the privilege of taking the tour or excursions with cuban classic cars of your dreams, we have a wide variety of tours in Havana city and excursions to the best tourist centers in the country, you just have to make your reservation with you vintage autos car and we will show you the charm of the island from Cuba

Why book with us?

Our tours are personalized outside of group tours with scheduled times. we have bilingual guides in more than 7 different languages

how to rent a classic car in cuba?

1) Choose the type of car you want (limousine, convertible or vintage classic).
2) Choose the tour you want to take-
3) Haga clic en “Reservar”.

info for U.S. customers

cubaclassicstar is a totally private agency that complies with the regulations of the us department of the treasury where you can book without having any problem.

Why to rent a classic car in Cuba?

vintage autos are available to everyone and prices start at $ 60 per hour or $ 350 per day. You can reserve them online from your mobile or pc.reservations are by cars not per person.4 person by cars


our clients will have the unique opportunity of touring in ” american convertible vintage cars” of renowned brands such as cadillac, buick, chevrolet, ford, mercury, plymouth, dodge, all in perfect condition.

what will i know?

If you book the Havana classic car tour you will get to know the architectural beauty of the city of Havana, a UNESCO heritage site and considered one of the 7 wonders of the modern era. If you select our excursions you will get to know the true cuban paradice.

The Best Experience in cuba

Have an unforgettable experience on your vacation trip to the Cuba island with"Tour and excursions with old cars in havana and different cuban tourist poles" joyment your vacation in all its splendor with us.

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