Havana beach tour on Vintage car

Havana beach tour on vintage car

Havana Beach tour on Vintage Car offers you a unique opportunity to see the city and its beaches in the 5-hour tour from a different perspective.
While touring the streets of Havana for 2 hours in a classic car, you will be able to admire the city’s colonial architecture and its vibrant colours. You will also have the opportunity to stop at some of the most popular tourist attractions in the city, such as Old Havana, Malecón, Plaza de la Revolución, and the Capitol.
Once you get to the beach, you can relax in the sun, swim in the ocean, or play beach volleyball. You can also take a walk along the shore and enjoy the beautiful views of the Caribbean Sea.
If you are looking for a truly unforgettable experience, the Havana Beach tour is the perfect option for you.

Havana Beach Tour on Vintage Car: A Classic Way to See the City and its Shores

Havana beach tour on vintage car

the best beach in cuba

The eastern beaches are considered one of the best beaches in Cuba with 15 km of extension white sands and crystalline turquoise waters just 45 minutes from the city is an ideal place for a tour in a vintage car

The tour starts at 7 am last departure at 6 pm
duration of 5 hours

When traveling in a convertible, be sure to properly protect yourself from the sun: hat, long shirt, sunscreen!

* Can I drive a classic car myself?
Our license does not allow us to rent the car for our clients to drive.
* Do we stop to take photographs?
If you only have to inform our driver or tour guide where you want to take your photograph, we also have stops at important tourist sites where you can take photos.
*Does the tour have anything included apart from the tour?
You do not pay exclusively for the car and the guide if you select the tour with tour guide service

places that you will visit on our tour to the beach in a vintage car

Blast from the Past & Beach Bliss: Havana’s Vintage Car Beach Tour! 

Havana beach tour on vintage car 5-hour


Havana beach tour on vintage car

revolution square

Havana beach tour on vintage car


Havana beach tour on vintage car

guanabo beach

Havana beach tour on vintage car

blue sea beach

Havana beach tour on vintage car

atlantic beach

5 hour havana beach tour on vintage car: cost

Havana beach tour on Vintage car

Note: We would like to inform our clients that our service prices are charged per car and not per person. Additionally, we recommend that you visit our car pages in Havana and select the car of your choice by using its unique code before making your reservation.We also accept GBP and US dollars at the exchange rate of 1:1

classic cars in cuba


withou tour guide 150 euro with Guide 180 euro

rent a vintage car for a day


sin guía turístico 125 EUR con guía turístico 155 EUR



withou tour guide 150 euro with Guide 180 euro

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